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rules and regulation

Rules and Regulation

  • Students are expected to attend classes on time and regularly unless they have a valid reason for their absence, such as illness or a family emergency.
  • Student behavior and conduct to maintain a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Students could not include bad behavior such as prohibiting cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of dishonesty. 
  • Students came to school with proper school uniforms.
  • Girls make their hair in two sides and boys should trim their hair in small inches.
  • The English language should be spoken inside the school area.
  • Respect every teacher and staff equally.
  • Respect people and school’s Property.
  • Students are to attend all academic programmes, co-curricular activities, school functions and other school related programmes.
  • Students should arrive at school at least five minutes before the assembly bell.
  • Cell phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited within the school premises.
  • Shouting, whistling and using abusive language is strictly dis-allowed. 
  • Students must maintain personal hygiene & come to school in clean & ironed uniforms.
  • Students in improper uniforms may be dis-allowed to attend their classes.
  • Changing of classrooms in between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  • Running, playing and shouting in the corridors and staircases is strictly not allowed.
  • The students are not allowed to receive visitors during the school hours. Lunch/tiffin boxes will not be delivered to the child.
  • Wearing a helmet and possession of a valid driving license is mandatory for all students riding a two wheeler.
  • Utmost care should be taken to keep the school premises clean and plastic free. Avoid using plastic bags and do not litter the classrooms or the grounds. Make use of the dustbins provided.
  • Parents may meet the Principal / V. Principle/Coordinator / Counsellor by prior appointment.
  • No student is permitted to come to school on Saturdays / holidays unless the teacher has given a written note.
  • Students coming for practices on Saturdays / holidays must be in school uniform.
  • All school books must be labeled and neatly maintained throughout the year.
  • Students are not permitted to paste stickers and color the pages of school notebooks unless specifically instructed by the teachers.
  • Students may not go to the toilets or to drink water during class time.
  • Students must record and follow the specific instructions given by their teachers.
  • The Remarks/ Observations in the school Diary must be signed by the parents , failing which the students will be given detention for the day.
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